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Hero Corp Discusses The Benefits of Competition

According to Blake Marggraff, CEO of Epharmix Inc. he says, “As the leader of a technology startup, there are two ways my company could fall behind the competition: a weak product or a weak team. We avoid having a weak product by aggressively engaging industry experts, advisors and customers. We also focus on the strengths […]

Hero Corp Shares 5 Quotes to Stay Optimistic & Motivated!

“We’ve all hit rock bottom at one point in our lives. The moment where everything feels wrong and quitting is the best option, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. In this time, ask yourself, if it’s worth to let go of your hard work after all this time and just […]

Hero Corp Reviews Building an Everlasting Brand

Our world is a constant reminder of longevity. We, ourselves are built to handle different constraints that are put on us. Because of it, we become who we are and create an image of ourselves. Furthermore, brands go through a similar type of production. The question to first ask is, “How does one build a brand […]

“LIMITLESS” Magazine interview With Boyd Parker

Tell us a little bit about yourself before starting in the business. I grew up in the UK on an island called “The Isle of Sheppey” which is a small community of 20,000 people living there. I have always been interested in business and being an entrepreneur. My hobbies were all progression based such as […]

Humble lessons from my 10 month old Mentor

This month I acquired a new mentor and she’s not my usual type. She has very little traditional industry experience and limited hindsight I can leverage. She has never excelled at a formal education environment but perhaps that’s because she hasn’t yet given it a try. You might be surprised to learn that she is […]

Hero Corp Reviews Being an Optimist

At Hero Corp, we know there are occasions where individuals are let down. We sometimes feel hopeless if things aren’t going our way. Challenges in your personal life, health, career or relationships can make it feel like it’s the end of the world. But moving forward and past the fears, all depends on having the […]

Hero Corp’s CEO takes Eight Top Performers to Rome for Networking Event!

Networking is a huge part of our business industry. Industry leaders gather together from time to time occasionally to make sure we are speaking to each other about advancements, the future and goals. “Speaking to like-minded individuals helps with providing that missing touch. You will share similar topics and perhaps if you’re missing something you’ll […]

Hero Corp Says The Greatest Investment is Through Your Personal Development

Recently Hero Corp’s CEO Boyd Parker discusses how significant personal development is for making yourself better and reaching your potential. He says, “The greatest gift you can give yourself, the wisest business investment you will ever make, is investing in your personal development. I am such a firm believer and advocate of investing in yourself […]

Hero Corp Shares Brand Creativity Importance

A strong brand is successful because of its lasting impact on individuals. Conducting a brand takes a lot of work and thought process. “The important aspect to carefully conducted brands is that there is a lot of planning, strategy and work involved. Achieving the best form in a brand means that you want to make […]

Hero Corp Uncovers Londons Latest Boom in Creativity

“We live in a time where creativity is welcomed, and people are taking incredible leaps in business and it is paying off,” says Boyd Parker, managing director of Hero Corp. Recently we came across a video on Business Insider UK that shares the coolest bars across London in 2017. We found this to be very […]