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Hero Corp Believes That Flatlining is Not an Option

“The best part about human beings is that we are built to be resilient. We’re built to challenge anything around us, and we’re built to be strong. This is how the greatest and most well-known individuals of our time have made it towards success. With hard work and diligence,” says Boyd Parker, managing director of […]

Hero Corp Shares The Importance of Impacting Business Partners

Weekly goals are fundamental when it comes to progress in our industry. Each day matters and every week counts because it is one step closer to your goals. “Similarly, at Hero Corp, we make sure that our goals match our destination. Every Friday afternoon I get our crew together to talk about progress, targets, strategies […]

Hero Corp Shares J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Response to Failure

“Success doesn’t come easy, for many, it’s a challenge that is processed and it takes years to become an overnight success. Just like many of the famous individuals we know, J.K. Rowling is one of those well-known authors of our time,” says Boyd Parker, managing director of Hero Corp. According to Inc. in an article […]

Hero Corp Shares The Quality of Branding Depends on Customer Service

Hero Corp firmly believes that when it comes to the quality of your brand, the quality of customer service is essential to its success. Many people don’t associate customer service with branding because they think that it comes last and it’s the final step. However, that’s one of the biggest mistakes businesses make. “Making customer […]

Hero Corp Shares Brian Tracy’s “8 Laws of Branding”

At Hero Corp, we know that there’s a particular relationship that develops between the product and customers when a business comes out with it. “Recently the most well-known brand, Apple, launched a few new devices. This connected to the audience in various ways. This is because a brand is something that develops once you master […]

Hero Corp CEO Featured on the Front Cover of Competitive Industry Magazine

“Life is short, and your time for learning and creativity is limited. Without any guidance, you can waste valuable years trying to gain knowledge and practice various sources,” says Boyd Parker, CEO & Managing Director of Hero Corp. Hard work leads you places. No matter what anyone says, hard work is always reciprocated by the […]

Hero Corp Shares The Importance of Courage  

Now and then we’re faced with challenges that often break our spirits. They break us deeply and make our confidence ends up dwindling so much so that we can’t move forward because we’re scared of what will happen. At Hero Corp, we believe in the word courage. “I admire this word because it has helped […]

Hero Corp Shares: The World Needs New Entrepreneurs!

The world needs new entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs create jobs, lift the standard of living, usher new technology into society, and keep competition alive in the marketplace. Starting a business is difficult, and it’s crucial that the next generation has as much ammunition as possible. We are all relying on you to carry on the proud tradition […]

Hero Corp Shares “The Simplest, Surest Way to Change Your Results”

According to Lewis Howes, who wrote the article “The Simplest, Surest Way to Change Your Results” he talks about how our minds are the primary cause of anything we do. He mentions John Assaraf who he says, “is is a real master at training the mind. He’s not a medical doctor. He’s not a research […]

Hero Corp Shares How Believing In Yourself Shapes You Into Greatness

To reach the highest level of you achievement, it takes an immense amount of persistence, consistency, and hard work. “Many individuals struggle and face challenges along the way, but great ones never stop reaching what they want to achieve,” says Boyd Parker, managing director of Hero Corp. Take a look at some of the most […]