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A Look at the Rise of Young UK Millionaires Through the Eyes of Hero Corp

Recently, Boyd Parker, CEO, and founder of Hero Corp commented on the rising number of young millionaires in the UK. As a long-time entrepreneur and marketing expert, Boyd Parker knows that the road to riches has taken a new twist in recent years. “There once was a time when it was extremely difficult for young […]

Why Hero Corp Believes Happiness Is the Key to Amazing Growth

When it comes to productivity, Boyd Parker has long understood what psychologists and analysts are now calling “The Happiness Factor.” As the founder and CEO of Hero Corp, he knows that happy workers are more productive and nowhere is this more evident than in a salesforce. In fact, one study published in the Harvard Business […]

Hero Corp Looks at the Role of Supercomputers in Marketing

While the world awaits the first commercially available quantum computer, Boyd Parker, founder, and owner of Hero Corp, takes a look at how these supercomputers would impact marketing. He observes that the world is already attuned to the benefits of accessing information made available in milliseconds, but what would happen if computers became so ‘intelligent’ […]

Hero Corp Founder Boyd Parker Discusses Growth Through Delegation

In his years as a marketing professional, Boyd Parker, owner, and founder of Hero Corp, has personally seen many companies grow well beyond their current capacity in a short period of time. This is typically when owners and directors start to panic because they simply can’t be everywhere at the same time. How is it […]

Hero Corp Advises on The Importance of Growth

At Hero Corp, growth is something that we see for ourselves very evidently. We view growth as a means of expansion and that only happens because we realise our potential as a company. “For us, comfort zones don’t cut it. Genuine and organic growth happens when you step out of your comfort zone. It is […]

Hero Corp Reviews: “4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Make The Most Of Their Summer Vacations”

Right now it is summer time, and there is no better way than to expand our knowledge and explore new horizons. At Hero Corp, we believe in constant growth. “This growth is what helps us drive forward, and we pride ourselves in this specific area,” says Boyd Parker, managing director of Hero Corp. The best […]

Hero Corp Shares The Value of Creativity

Everything and anything we do requires the quality of being creative. Rather than utilizing the same old strategies and methods, we switch things up and make sure to implement newer, effective and personalized tactics. Our motto at Hero Corp is that we work hard and strive to be those that achieve great things. “The greatest […]

Hero Corp Discusses The Quality of Confidence

Hero Corp knows that there are various qualities individuals need in order to succeed and lead the way towards their dreams. Many of the times we often forget that our goals and dreams depend on the way we enable ourselves to act. What we think, often we don’t do because of our comfort zone and […]

Hero Corp Reviews The Article: “Are You Self-Aware?…”

“New and current entrepreneur’s constantly must ask themselves one important question: ‘Am I doing everything I can to be better each day?’ If the answer to this question is yes, then great job! But, if the answer to this makes you hesitate and reevaluate yourself, then you need to ask yourself, what can you do […]

Hero Corp Reviews “Why Curiosity Is the Greatest Leadership Trait of All”

According to an article by Evan Hackel, “Why Curiosity Is The Greatest Leadership Trait of All” he writes that people perceive and describe strong leaders very differently and a majority of the answers are basically about strong physical appearances and voices. It also came up that leaders are decisive and charismatic, they instantly know how to […]