Hero Corp



Attitude, work ethic and commitment have been with us since the start.

From the beginning there was one attribute that helped us stand out from all other customer acquisitions companies. Our commitment was an unyielding desire to create a unique business – one that would lead to a more productive way of selling and marketing the products and services on behalf our international client portfolio.

Since establishing ourselves in Europe, our current growth has been exciting. This growth has been significant, and includes our ability to establish wide range of new clients. We deliver measurable results through a variable cost model and to substantially increase our clients’ customer base and brand recognition.

Of all the accomplishments and business success we achieved to date, it’s the relationships we’ve built along the way. Our CEO started the organisation from an entry level field customer acquisitions role himself. By completing a Business Development Program, our CEO went from self-employed sales representative to company owner and CEO, the BDP he went through developed all the personal and business skills required to reach the success he has today. HeroCorp are now experts in business-to-business, business-to-consumer, residential and events based marketing. We provide expert advice and specially tailored campaigns to suit our clients specific requirements.

Today, the will to succeed, winning attitude, work ethic and of course, the commitment to be the best in all that we do, has never been more alive at HeroCorp.