Hero Corp

Why Hero Corp Believes Happiness Is the Key to Amazing Growth

When it comes to productivity, Boyd Parker has long understood what psychologists and analysts are now calling “The Happiness Factor.” As the founder and CEO of Hero Corp, he knows that happy workers are more productive and nowhere is this more evident than in a salesforce. In fact, one study published in the Harvard Business Review listed statistics indicating that happy sales crews were 37% more productive than their unhappy counterparts and that productivity increased by 31% amongst those who were happy on the job.

“Simply by looking at those figures, you can see how important it is to build a company culture around happiness,” he states. Boyd Parker isn’t talking about spending the day laughing at jokes and sharing memes, but rather a company culture built on better communications and a team that is happy doing what they are doing. “A happy team is more engaged than one with grievances and if any company wants to experience major growth, it would pay to ensure their workers are happy and engaged in the day to day operations.”

At Hero Corp, engagement is a key driver in the company’s continued growth, and this is what Boyd Parker credits with the major amount of success this Maidstone-based marketing company has experienced. Every person on the team is encouraged to communicate successes as well as concerns and this, in Boyd Parker’s words, “helps to forge bonds between co-workers and management. There is nothing in the way of forward growth because our team works together to make good things happen for us and for every client we serve. I might even go so far as to say that happiness is the gel that keeps us together as a single unit working toward a common goal.”

There is nothing more divisive than a handful of staffers going about their day grumbling over things they can’t control or refusing to accept as their responsibility. Hero Corp has long understood that the way to overcome discordance is to keep the lines of communication open. “Why grumble when you can frankly ask any question you desire and will get a respectful answer to your query?”

Part of this is the transparency under which Hero Corp operates and part of the company’s success is that everyone works together to make good things happen. “When any team wins, the entire firm wins, and when we win that means we were an important part of a big win for our client or clients,” he says. “Happiness is contagious so let it dominate your workplace and everyone will be a winner.”