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Hero Corp On Developing A Mastermind Network

Any entrepreneur who has achieved a level of success will tell you that although the ‘idea’ was theirs, they also drew heavily on the wisdom and experience of others. Sometimes it is in the written word, sometimes from workshops or events and other times from those around them in their immediate circle of friends, business peers, and family. Hero Corp looks at expanding your horizons by developing a mastermind network.

No matter how creative you are, how high your intelligence or what level your education and experience, it is virtually impossible to know everything there is to know about your niche. You have strengths, and you have weaknesses, and typically it is the weaknesses that hold you back from ever growing levels of success. Boyd Parker, director of the elite London marketing firm Hero Corp, says that there is a way to draw on the wisdom and experience of others by expanding your network.

Boyd Parker says that “The accepted definition of a mastermind simply says that this is a person who directs a project or the creative intelligence behind it. These people are forward thinkers and can think outside the box. They are leaders, and if you are ever at a loss for ideas, it pays to talk to someone who has exhibited the skills of a mastermind. For this reason, we at Hero Corp suggest that every entrepreneur should always be on the lookout for peers and associates they can brainstorm with.”

What the director of Hero Corp is suggesting is that entrepreneurs should enter into an informal agreement with others who have skills they lack. It could be those from the same firm, but it could also be others within the same industry that understand different ways of doing things that just might work for your business. Informal simply means that everyone comes off his or her own volition and brings something to the table that the others need. This means you as well. Your strengths may be their weaknesses, and together you can build on the combined strengths of the group.

Whether you take what you’ve learned and bring it back to your business or are part of a group that collectively takes what they’ve shared back to their own companies, everyone gets something out of these brainstorming sessions, and together the group is called a ‘mastermind network.’ Hero Corp often brainstorms with their firm members to create strategies for their clients.

While each person may have experience ranging from one year to several decades, he or she can learn something from the collective experience that may total more than 100 years. There is strength in numbers, especially if those individual numbers form a collective mastermind so draw from these strengths and watch your brand and bottom line grow.