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Hero Corp Discover The Advantages Of Using Linkedin To Sell Your Brand


Most of us are already familiar with the social networking platform Linkedin. However, Social media is a double-edged sword for many business owners and entrepreneurs. It can consume a lot of our time and sometimes takes over, but if you are a business which mainly sells to other businesses, then you definitely need to be on board with this social platform. Hero Corp uses their Linkedin presence, to their business advantage and managing director Boyd Parker has recently read an article featured on Entrepreneur.com which looks at several ways to use Linkedin to upsell your brand and increase exposure.

A platform with over 400 million users, used correctly, the possibilities could become endless. The article begins by suggesting you should begin by knowing your objectives, there are three key aims to keep in mind when using your Linkedin profile to generate business, 1.getting more media exposure 2.creating partnerships with like-minded people in your field and 3.generating leads for your business. By utilising these three key ingredients, you can guarantee an increase in your brand’s exposure and productivity.

Secondly, the article tells us to ensure we know who we are targeting because once we establish our target audience, we can focus on connecting with them, and avoiding wasted time on weak leads. Through people’s Linkedin profiles, much like Hero Corps page, we can learn who they are, the field they’re in and where they are based. As well as this you should make sure to have a structured approach. Whether your end goal is to meet face to face, set up a video call or email back and forth, you should approach the lead with a structured and practised system which will guarantee your desired results. As a business who is selling their brand to prospective clients, customers or even looking to use Linkedin for recruiting your next talent, you should be focused on building sound relationships with your connections. As the article advises and Hero Corp firmly agree with, you should always aim to build a strong rapport built on the foundations of trust, remember your Linkedin profile is your professional platform, and you should be selling customer service which is second to none.

LinkedIn is the place to be when selling your brand, and the exposure is fantastic, and the opportunities can become endless, just try to keep in mind that, yes, it is a social media platform, but it is also your professional bread and butter when used for finding business leads. Therefore you should keep the hashtags, humour and impersonal approach for your Twitter account. Hero Corp thinks, whether you’re looking for more media exposure, partnerships or new leads, you need to know your desired outcomes and have a structured plan in place to achieve your objectives.