Hero Corp

Hero Corp Founder Boyd Parker Discusses Growth Through Delegation

In his years as a marketing professional, Boyd Parker, owner, and founder of Hero Corp, has personally seen many companies grow well beyond their current capacity in a short period of time. This is typically when owners and directors start to panic because they simply can’t be everywhere at the same time. How is it possible to be all things to all people while still being responsible for running the day to day operations of a company?

According to Boyd Parker, the simplest solution is to delegate more power to those who can be in places when you can’t physically be there and to make decisions you would normally have made in the past. However, too many owners and directors are reluctant to do this for several reasons. “Our take on this is that there is nothing you can do but delegate more authority and responsibility to trusted team members,” he explains.

Every company has trusted employees and team members who could easily step up to new responsibilities if given the chance. Hero Corp’s founder said that every valued team member has the potential to be a ‘hero’ and if you have trained them to do their jobs as you want them done, there is no reason not to promote them as needed.

Hero Corp is one example of how Boyd Parker believes in elevating key players as they earn rank within the company. “We have a strong company culture of forming bonds and working relationships that allow everyone an opportunity to grow. While we want Hero Corp to continue growing through customer acquisition, we also want our team to grow on personal levels as well. Whenever possible we promote from within. Who knows the workings of Hero Corp better than key players who have our best interest at heart?”

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t hire outside talent when necessary. For example, if your company needs an accountant, you can’t very well promote someone to that job if all they can do is balance your ledgers. There is so much more to accountancy than balancing the books and for this job, you may need to hire a full time licenced accountant.

“We are here to help grow the companies we work with and sometimes there comes a point when directors need to let go and place more responsibility in the hands of competent staff members.” Since Hero Corp has a long track record of growing brands they work with, this is something you can look forward to as well. The best advice you can be given? Start planning for growth now so that when the time comes, and it will come, key team players can step up to a new role you’ve set out for them.