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Hero Corp Offer Interview Techniques To Dazzle Interviewers

Fast approaching the new year, a career change may be just what you want, and you’ve managed to secure an interview for your dream job. Your CV has impressed and gotten you this far, but the rest is down to you and how well you perform in the interview. Managing director Boyd Parker of London marketing company Hero Corp has made a career out of mastering the art of face to face communication and offers his best advice for taking control during the hiring process.   

Before the all important interview, you should take close consideration when planning for the event, managing director Boyd Parker of Hero Corp advises you to prepare directions for your route and method of transport, do not wing it on the day as this could cause confusion, distraction and damage punctuality. Secondly, Boyd Parker says how helpful it is when his interviewees bring a hard copy of their curriculum vitae along with them. Even tho Hero Corp’s HR team has already stored this on their system, this shows consideration from the individual, as well as giving the interviewer a physical copy to make relevant comments and notes on during the interview, as well as showing your preparedness.

Arriving early to your interview sounds like an obvious one, but Boyd Parker of Hero Corp stresses how this should be the top of your worries. As well as planning your route, you should be thorough and leave earlier than you first estimated, as leaving with enough time will allow room for any distractions or delays along your journey. Now by this point you should have arrived at your destination and looking professional, Boyd Parker admits how important these next few tips are for making a lasting first impression. When meeting with the front of house and most importantly, the interviewer, you should make sure to give a strong handshake that holds it’s own. A strong handshake is a sign of strength, charisma and confidence, assuring the interviewer that you are a headstrong individual.

By now you are in the middle of your interview, being asked questions and firing back your most practised answers. As an experienced interviewer, Boyd Parker of Hero Corp suggests maintaining steady eye contact and giving consistent head nods in agreement with the interviewer, as this shows attentiveness, interest and a confident level of communication. Boyd advises remaining sincere, as you may have practised your answers and made a mental list of all of your positive attributes, but you should always remain natural and honest, as the interviewer is looking for sincerity and genuineness in the successful candidate.