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Hero Corp Review The Most Important Values Entrepreneurs Should Teach Their Children

Successful entrepreneurs are resourceful, creative and intellectually curious by nature, and it’s proven that by sharing entrepreneurship’s unique set of principles with your children, you can help them succeed in the new economy. As a devoted father himself, self-made entrepreneur Boyd Parker of Hero Corp imparts similar wisdom onto his young daughter, as he instills entrepreneurial values to feed her spirit throughout her education.

Commonly, most entrepreneurs start out very young, usually making their first success before the age of 21. With entrepreneurship growing and given that the cost of starting a business is continuously decreasing, it’s assumed that the next generation will start even earlier. Naturally, entrepreneur and businessman Boyd Parker’s daddy-daughter conversations may go a little differently compared to the ‘norm,’ as Boyd encourages her to stand out from the rest, take a little risk and to make her own decisions and avoid being swayed by the opinions of others. Most of all, to learn and just have fun doing so. Here, managing director Boyd Parker of Hero Corp shares with us the habits you should make a conscious effort to adapt into your child’s life, to nurture their entrepreneurial spirit from as early on as possible.

“Without failure, there’s no room for improvement right? Kids learn in school that failing is negative, but successful entrepreneurs understand that failure is an essential part of success” explains Boyd Parker of Hero Corp. By turning failures into learning opportunities, your child will foster continuous improvement by asking themselves what they have learned from failure, and what they can be better at. “Being afraid of failure can lead to a very limited life, without taking risks and being excited about what could happen, you are refusing yourself opportunities. Show your child the value in failure, and they’ll become more confident and well-rounded” explains Boyd Parker.

Secondly, Boyd Parker of Hero Corp says expressing a healthy love of learning is crucial to developing their entrepreneurial mindset. “Many parents underestimate their child’s capacity to understand the business/adult world, but the truth is that they only learn as much as we physically teach them. By having a few casual conversations about your day at work, your child will ask you dozens of questions, and this is your chance to educate them. Do not forget, their minds are like sponges, always absorbing information.”

Boyd Parker of Hero Corp, assures us that passing on our entrepreneurial values to our children will give them advantages in life, but we will find that that exercise enriches our lives, too. The independence both of you foster will ensure a lasting parent-child relationship that’s more meaningful, fun and rewarding.