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Hero Corp Reviews The Importance of Branding When Opening A Business in The Capital

Marketing experts and business oriented individuals know that branding is more than a name, slogan, sign or design. Yes, it carries those elements and components, but it’s more than that. In today’s marketing world having the perception of what clients and consumers see when they think or hear of a company name means your brand is doing its job perfectly. “The image that is received when someone says, Apple, for example, marks the idea of how the name resonates into people’s minds. We think of high tech and functioning iPhones, Macs and iPads that have taken over our time. We believes that great branding comes emotionally connecting to your targets and clearly delivering a message as well as establishing loyalty,” says Boyd Parker, Managing Director of Hero Corp.

Recently, one of the most iconic buildings in the City of London, Ten Trinity Square, is to be affectionately changed into a luxurious Four Seasons hotel in early 2017. This hotel is to be the 3rd Four Seasons Hotel in London. Located in the lower grounds to the third levels. it will have 100 guest rooms and suites, restaurants, bars, meeting salons and a spa. Not only this but the restaurants will include renowned three Michelin-starred French Chef, Anne-Sophie Pic for guests to enjoy exquisite and fantastic meals. The location of the hotel will be in an area where the Tower of London can be seen, and beautiful scenery of the River Thames. “The opening of this hotel is looked forward to by many, and it’s an exciting establishment that many appreciate having in their city. Hero Corp is inspired by the type of branding Four Seasons has all around the world. When they establish in a new location, the brand stands out because of how well it connects to its target audience,” mentions Boyd Parker of Hero Corp.

The exclusivity of Four Season’s branding is effective because it creates and carries a reputation that people believe in. Not only does it offer the best for its visitors or guests but by putting emotion and interactivity to their brand, they help others realise the purpose of their business. “The experience people have when visiting Four Seasons also puts value to its name,” notes Boyd Parker of Hero Corp. The fact that this brand is recognised all over the world shows how important the combination of connecting to people’s needs, emotions, credibility, quality and experience makes it extremely valuable and well-recognized.