Hero Corp

Hero Corp Says This Year, Think Out The Ordinary for 2018!

“Take a few moments to contemplate those that change our world. What makes them special? What do they do differently from people that do not accomplish? The whole process starts with individuals thinking outside the box and coming up with brilliant ideas to implement,” says Boyd Parker of Hero Corp. Being someone who is curious is a positive attribute. Along with curiosity, there’s confidence and courage that make up a big part of this process. “The reason for this is that being able to think outside the box and put forth ideas involves some risk. There are so many negative things that could happen, your idea could fail, you could fail, and it won’t be a success. However, isn’t this how great people establish themselves? It’s because they challenged the normal and ordinary that they are rising in the first place,” says Boyd Parker of Hero Corp.


Individuals that can bring fresh new ideas forward differentiate themselves from the others. They are those that make it possible to wonder about the unthinkable. The first we already established is curiosity. Take the example of Maxine Clark, the founder of Build-A-Bear workshop. Clark is the builder and creator of a shop that lets other people creatively build their own kind of bear. This ingenious and innovative strategy enables individuals to contest with their creative side and put it towards the test. “By being curious, Maxine Clark has created a place where any child or adult can innovate through what they want,” says Boyd Parker of Hero Corp. Another way to think beyond ordinary is by challenging yourself. Continually challenging yourself not only makes you better, but it makes you the best of the best. If there’s something that you feel is hard for you, that’s the best type of goal to accomplish and reach. You will learn and build skills that have shaped you into being stronger mentally.


Lastly, always contemplate every single thing. “Studies indicate that individuals that always experiment and challenge ideas and theories are more creative and great critical analysis individuals. New ideas are all around us — but it’s our job to make sure that we utilise that mentality and brainpower towards use,” says Boyd Parker of Hero Corp. The next time you have an idea, the best thing to do would be to write it down and create a format in which you understand this approach to the fullest level. By doing that you’ve built a model for the future and possible innovation for humanity.