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Hero Corp Shares 3 Apps to Increase Productivity

“Ever since the internet became a thing, we’ve been able to advance further and utilize apps, games, and schedules with smart phones as well. Not only does technology help make the world faster, but it helps busy individuals keep track of everything around us,” mentions Boyd Parker, Managing Director of Hero Corp. Our present time is in a fast paced world, everything is constantly changing. Though much still remains the same, there are some aspects such as technology which are surfacing to provide convenience in everyday life. Productivity is one of the most important tools a busy individual can make the most of. It’s something that helps keep everything focused and in tact. We’ve gathered some useful apps to help produce productivity. “I’ve recently used some apps that I find great for everyday use,” says Boyd Parker of Hero Corp.

Evernote. “This app has been great, it lets individuals write quick memos and keep track of meetings,” says Boyd Parker of Hero Corp. It’s interesting because it is installed and connects with your accounts within your iPhone. It creates a user-friendly experience. You will also be allowed to push e-mail attachments to this App through the iPhone mail app. Which is convenient for everything to be in place.

Square. This one is great for quick credit card acceptance from your iPhone. Usually to make payments, one has to go online and enter in their number and mobile sites aren’t very friendly to use. After you get Square, it’ll let you accept card payments from iPhone, iPad or other devices. So if you’re on the go and need to make a payment or conduct a business deal, this is great to us.

Focus@will is an app known to increase productivity by music and sound while tuning out distractions. This allows individuals to get a sense of productivity because they can measure this aspect. By hearing concentrative music, you allow yourself to focus better. Focus@will says, “We see a greater than 200-400% increase in focus time with focus@will, based on a survey of 22,000 of our most active users.”