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Hero Corp Shares “5 Hobbies That Make You Smarter”

“We’ve all learned that to make ourselves sharper it’s important to acquire new skills and learn new things,” says Boyd Parker managing director of Hero Corp. In a recent article on entrepreneur.com, “5 Hobbies That Makes You Smarter,” the writer says “Studies show that regularly exercising our minds with challenging new stimuli — not endless hours of Keeping Up With the Kardashians— increases IQ. It’s true. When you learn something new, you grow your gray matter. It’s not rocket science. Sure, crossword puzzles and sudoku are brilliant ways to sharpen your intellect and expand your neuroplasticity, but they’re far from the only options here. Other, less ho-hum hobbies, like working out, for example, are also proven to spur your smarts. In fact, breaking a sweat improves not only your physique but also your long-term memory and object recognition memory. Think about that next time you hit the gym.” There are various ways to trigger your brain into thinking and to work. Similarly, like working out, it challenges you and makes you push beyond your limit. “Think about it this way. When you’re playing a very challenging game, such as Chess; you’re thinking, and you’re pushing yourself to go beyond what you can do. This is when you’re working your brain and making it expand in different ways,” says Boyd Parker of Hero Corp.

According to this article, there are various ways to keep your mind active in different activities. Some mentioned are:

“Exercising regularly — studies show it enhances object recognition memory. The ability to discriminate between the familiarity of previously encountered objects.”

“Playing a musical instrument — It’s known to enhance cognitive skills and academic achievements by promoting the development of certain executive functions.”

“Playing video games — develops working memory. The system responsible for holding and processing new and already stored information.” “This one may seem unlikely due to its bad reputation. However, studies do show various brain functions are improved, and memory is better as well,” says Boyd Parker of Hero Corp.

At Hero Corp, our primary goal is to make sure we’re constantly better as a group and as individuals. We’re always willing to learn new skills and better our brain power so that our future tasks are proficient and the best! By utilizing some of these skills in our daily life, we’re bettering our mindset and the quality of what we output in the world.