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Hero Corp Shares Brian Tracy’s “8 Laws of Branding”

At Hero Corp, we know that there’s a particular relationship that develops between the product and customers when a business comes out with it. “Recently the most well-known brand, Apple, launched a few new devices. This connected to the audience in various ways. This is because a brand is something that develops once you master a few techniques and methods to get it through. It’s important because your survival depends on how you are doing with the public. If people don’t like or want your product, does your brand really matter or reach out to them in some way?” says Boyd Parker, managing director of Hero Corp. We recently came across an informative video with Brian Tracy on Entrepreneur.com. He cleverly explains the eight laws of branding through marketing and other areas. He starts off by saying, “A brand is “a promise you make and are known for keeping to the person you are asking or trying to influence.”


“This is a very valuable tip to remember. You can be known through your promises, and a brand should be as important as your promise. By making that very distinguished vow or promise, you’re building a business that everyone will remember for years to come,” says Boyd Parker of Hero Corp. Take the example of all the big companies in our time and age; we mentioned Apple so far. There is also Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, and many more others that have build their promise up and delivered true to their promise. This is why customers go near them again and again. It’s the word backed up by reliability and action. Which is what makes a brand so great. Brian Tracy goes on to describe the 8 Laws of Branding. He’s a few we loved:


“1.) Specialization: Focus your brand on one area of achievement. You cannot be all things to everyone. You can choose to specialize [..] people have to be able to describe as one thing. 2.) Leadership: Where can I be a leader in my field? 3.) Personality: Your brand must be built around your personality in all its aspects, including flaws […] 4.) Distinctiveness: Once you have created your brand, you have to express it creatively. For example, I knew a woman that sends a ‘thank you card’ with a dried flower inside. When you open it, it falls out. That little sort of thing makes them remember her for years to come — so how can you be distinctive and stand out from your competitors. 5.) Visibility: Your brand must be seen consistently. Be out there where people see you all the time.” These are some of many great trips Brian Tracy speaks about we agree and love all of them because they make sense and they are straight to the point.