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Hero Corp Reviews “Why Curiosity Is the Greatest Leadership Trait of All”

According to an article by Evan Hackel, “Why Curiosity Is The Greatest Leadership Trait of All” he writes that people perceive and describe strong leaders very differently and a majority of the answers are basically about strong physical appearances and voices. It also came up that leaders are decisive and charismatic, they instantly know how to manage a room and take over with their skills. Despite numerous opinions and views on what makes a leader great — a majority of individuals fail to realise that there is also another quality that makes better leaders. This quality, as Hackel writes is curiosity. Hackel cleverly gives an example of leaders that are the greatest of our time to prove this point. He mentions, “Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, has revolutionized retailing and business, but does he attract attention because of his commanding appearance?” and “Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and author of the highly influential book Lean In, is a visionary leader who is changing the role women play in the world, but in her demeanor, she seems modest and quiet.”

“These leaders have one thing in common. That is their curiosity. Without the ability to explore beyond the limits, curious leaders would not make great ones. We would not have the most amazing innovations had it not been for those leaders that venture out to make discoveries,” says Boyd Parker, managing director of Hero Corp. At Hero Corp, we believe that innovation and curiosity go hand in hand. It is a valuable combination that those who want to be great leaders should seek to implement this into their lifestyle. Having the qualities of someone that’s curious means that you are not afraid of failure or risks because you are a learning curve. Some of the greatest leaders of our time have dedicated their lives to being curious and finding new ways to help innovate our world and make life savvy.

In regards to this factor, the writer Hackel also states “Great leaders admit their own limitations and ask for help when they need it. In this way, they put no upper limits on their ability to grow. When he started out, did Jeff Bezos know everything there was to know about the technology that he later used to build Amazon.com? Probably not, but he showed the curiosity to ask the right people the right questions. Every day offers opportunities to listen to new ideas, learn new things and try something different. If curiosity is the key to great leadership—and I believe it is—you can start building your leadership today simply by being curious.”