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Hero Corp Shares The Importance of Impacting Business Partners

Weekly goals are fundamental when it comes to progress in our industry. Each day matters and every week counts because it is one step closer to your goals. “Similarly, at Hero Corp, we make sure that our goals match our destination. Every Friday afternoon I get our crew together to talk about progress, targets, strategies and use this as a motivational factor for the next week,” says Boyd Parker, managing director of Hero Corp. Weekly motivation is necessary because it reminds your firm and company members that there are goals we need to reach in order to be better each day. Studies show that companies that are interactive frequently with workers are more likely to be productive throughout time.


“This type of professional and informal relationship lets business partners know that it’s possible to communicate well with a superior and be open with them in a sense that you can be a part of weekly motivational discussions,” says Boyd Parker of Hero Corp. It’s also important to note that superiors that take time to recognise their workers are the best type of leaders. Boyd Parker of Hero Corp makes sure to lead every Friday afternoon with a motivational factor. Even companies such as Google hold meetings on Fridays because it’s a day where people are happy, and positive because the weekend is coming. But not only this, it means that they go home thinking about how to be bigger and better when they’re back to work on Monday.


An article on Inc.com by Veer Gidwaney says “The ability to contribute to a shared vision is the magic behind those 2 a.m. breakthroughs that are part of every startup story. When people sit around to bounce ideas off one another, it sparks amazing creativity. In his book Where Good Ideas Come From, Steven Johnson talks about the research of Kevin Dunbar, who studied scientists in the lab. He discovered that the best ideas weren’t the brainchild of a mad scientist working alone but rather a byproduct of regular lab meetings. The human collective is much more creative than one person working alone, because employees’ individual experiences bump up against one another, forming new associations and revealing intriguing possibilities.” This shows that holding meetings that are motivational often lead to creativity and productivity. It’s a type of power that is right in front of us, but not many people use. Individuals that want to be successful, work hard to make sure it’s possible. That’s the reason for our CEO’s Friday weekly meetings at Hero Corp.