Hero Corp

Hero Corp Shares The Quality of Branding Depends on Customer Service

Hero Corp firmly believes that when it comes to the quality of your brand, the quality of customer service is essential to its success. Many people don’t associate customer service with branding because they think that it comes last and it’s the final step. However, that’s one of the biggest mistakes businesses make. “Making customer service a final step in your branding procedure is not only the biggest mistake one can make, but it also is crucial to attaining the brand’s quality and for its overall success,” says Boyd Parker, managing director of Hero Corp. Quality in a brand is what makes it unique and appealing to its customers or buyers. But having behind the scenes/upfront customer service make that sustainable and competitive; this is what appeals to its quality factor.


One of the ways we like to incorporate customer service into branding is by making sure our services/products are personable. “When customers or clients get a feel for one-on-one support and hands-on experience they instantly decide that they can trust something. Put this in comparison to a robot or automated system. Nowadays when you call customer service centres, they put you through to an automatic system that runs by picking up a word or two, yes or no answers. However, we always just want the representative online. The quality of this certain brand will depend on the service given by representatives or customer service. By having that human interaction, a brand becomes valuable,” says Boyd Parker of Hero Corp.


Another strategic way to make your brand quality better can be by aligning your brand with the intention of putting customer service first. “Various businesses and companies fully outline a plan for advertising through websites, billboards, stores and other ways — this is great, and they do this by implementing it through customer service most importantly says Boyd Parker of Hero Corp. When Apple recently released their new products in September, they didn’t just release them and write about them on websites and tv commercials; they got their supervisors and technical support partners to present the new gadget on display. By doing this, customers were able to ask questions and make sure they wanted to buy it. This is similar to making your brand worth its quality. The level of customer service has to match in order for it to be great. Hero Corp recognizes all factors when branding, and that personal touch matters tremendously to make a brand qualitative and competitive.