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Hero Corp Shares “The Simplest, Surest Way to Change Your Results”

According to Lewis Howes, who wrote the article “The Simplest, Surest Way to Change Your Results” he talks about how our minds are the primary cause of anything we do. He mentions John Assaraf who he says, “is is a real master at training the mind. He’s not a medical doctor. He’s not a research scientist. He’s a man who has learned from his own experiences (and much study and work) how to maximize the full potential of the brain. He’s written New York Times best-selling books, been featured in blockbusters like The Secret and runs several million-dollar companies. When I had the chance to interview him on my podcast, I was hanging on every word as he explained how our brains work when it comes to peak performance and overcoming limiting beliefs. Before he went deep into the neuroscience of what makes us do what we do, I asked him the question I think we all wonder: “How can I get myself to change my habits?”


“At Hero Corp, we believe that when you set your mind to something, it’ll help you accomplish it. As long there is action followed by what you think about — then basically it’ll help you fulfill that,” says Boyd Parker, managing director of Hero Corp. Howes says, “Since everything we do starts with our thoughts, this is incredibly important. Whatever we think about ourselves ends up being the reality of how we show up. Thought patterns become emotional patterns, which become behavioral patterns. Our brain goes on automatic with these models quickly—66 days, Assaraf says.” Think about it this way, as entrepreneurs, we have all these ideas, and we want to implement them in the most effective strategies and ways. “The key to doing that is by adjusting your thought process to match your actions,” says Boyd Parker of Hero Corp.


“Assaraf’s habit-building process is to spend 100 days focused on just one new thing. After following the simple process of taking that one action over and over, he has wired his brain to automatically continue it, as well as build belief in himself and his capability to create new results. This formula doesn’t fail. It applies to any situation, circumstance or person. It’s as simple as choosing a ridiculously easy action to take right now.” We know that sometimes making decisions can be quite difficult. It’s just as difficult to implement them. “But with the right mindset and action being put forth towards the goal, anything can be possible,” says Boyd Parker of Hero Corp.