Hero Corp

Hero Corp’s Boyd Parker Won a Prestigious Award At The UK Gala

Hero Corp had the wonderful opportunity to attend this year’s, UK Gala. It was a grand event held at the Grosvenor Ballroom in London. There were various actions taking place. Many being charity and auction related. Individuals were able to support a cause and show their excitement of being at the occasion. Among with this, the ambiance was filled with guests, musicians, and a classical singer. All performances were super exclusive and top notch! “There were various guests speakers from Australia, USA, South Africa and more. They gave wise words to us folks in the business world so that we could learn from experience,” says Boyd Parker, Managing Director of Hero Corp. There were also various prizes given out. All types of prizes few that included a Ferrari and Audi and among the smaller prizes Rolex watches. “Dinner was great, dessert was fantastic — it’s a night that won’t be forgotten,” says Boyd Parker of Hero Corp.

Among the awards that were given out, our very own Boyd Parker was given a prestigious and high award! He progressed into the step of his career with this award as it showed the amount of dedication and resilience it took to achieve his goals. He spoke about hard work and how never giving up is the way to go.” “I always knew I wanted to do big things; I knew that this will only come with hard work, a great crew, and excellent partnership. Each of these paved the way for Hero Corp to be in this position today,” says Boyd Parker of Hero Corp. He tells us in the acceptance speech about how important it is to have supportive people around you. This prestigious award came down through competitivity and being able to push barriers. He mentions how grateful he is for this and each day is a new to set more goals — have more to accomplish.

He mentions his long-time partner and girlfriend that has been there throughout every step of the way. She made sure to be that foundation and best friend anyone would need in life. He ended his speech off by proposing to his long-time girlfriend, now his fiance! We were very excited to witness this beautiful moment, and she said ‘yes!’ The evening couldn’t have been better and more magical. Hero Corp isn’t done yet; we still have a lot more records to break and targets to reach. We look forward next year’s UK Gala to see what new success stories take place!