Hero Corp

A Look at the Rise of Young UK Millionaires Through the Eyes of Hero Corp

Recently, Boyd Parker, CEO, and founder of Hero Corp commented on the rising number of young millionaires in the UK. As a long-time entrepreneur and marketing expert, Boyd Parker knows that the road to riches has taken a new twist in recent years. “There once was a time when it was extremely difficult for young entrepreneurs to get a break in literally any industry because they didn’t know the right people. It wasn’t always a simple case of finding innovative solutions to market voids but rather a matter of knowing someone who could open doors for you,” he reminisces.

He credits the areas of fintech and social media with this new surge in young millionaires and is extremely happy to be a part of the growing successes of young entrepreneurs Hero Corp has the pleasure of working with. He goes on to say that “With the right marketing team and a dynamic sales force, it is now possible to reach a global audience virtually overnight. Sometimes that salesforce is an outsourced direct marketing team and other times it’s in-house but, nevertheless, the world has become a much smaller place because of the internet.”

Of course, it still helps to know someone in high places, but that isn’t as important as it once was. Now a young entrepreneur can be an instant success because in the digital arena you know everyone, everywhere. “It only takes one viral video or one social post gone viral and before you know it, your brand is a household word,” Boyd Parker of Hero Corp comments.

In fact, the number of young millionaires in the UK has risen by one-third between 2016 and 2017, the fastest growth in that age bracket ever. This data was collected by HMRC for release by a leading financial adviser, Salisbury House Wealth. The data released indicated that of those under 30 earning more than £1 million per year, young entrepreneurs were in the spotlight.

“I am happy to see that so many young people are willing to step out of their comfort zones and are going it alone,” Boyd Parker says, “and we are always happy to help them market their products and services to a generation also willing to challenge the status quo.” Hero Corp knows full well that nothing stifles growth like being content with “business as usual” and are always happy to help fledgling entrepreneurs step away from the crowd. “This is an exciting era to live in and I am happy to be a part of it,” Boyd Parker concludes.