Hero Corp



Sometimes it just doesn’t make business sense to invest in new shop front signage, in-house sales people and expensive ad and TV campaigns. We’ve designed this program to enable a client to test the effectiveness of a customer acquisitions campaign for their products or services.

How do they determine if a customer acquisitions campaign is right for them? Our Business development office will meet with you to learn your needs and requirements. Using a top office of customer acquisitions experts, we strategically represent a client for two to ten weeks.

Working together, HeroCorp tests both market and territory, agilely redirecting our people when necessary for maximum results. Our clients determine the test market and territory, leaving us to closely monitor and refine the processes involved and to determine its effectiveness during the trial period. Upon the conclusion of a successful pilot campaign, we establish our next move – a customer acquisition expansion – on a regional or national level.


HeroCorp recognise that our clients needed to start doing business on their customers terms and no longer their own terms. So doing business on the customer’s terms requires a fundamental inversion in the way our clients do business. It changes the starting points, reverses the dynamics and transforms the roles of people. Business in the UK moves from hunter to gatherer, from aggression to assertion, from doing things when and how it wants, to when and how the customer wants.

UK Business used to be powerful, they used to push themselves on customers, persuading them to buy their products whether they needed them or not, enticing them with advertising and special offers, forcing them to come to locations of their choosing and then trying to sell as much as possible when they got there. Customers have played along with this for years because of such limited choice, there was a limit to other companies & sources and lower prices may not have been around for long. The customers accepted this grudgingly as this is what business did.

You need to show customers that you are different, and you can offer them a customer service and unique support that no one else can. What we do for our clients; provide them with a marketing solution which offers all the requirements for the new age customer. Provide services which will make you visible, give you presence and brand awareness, increase your reputation through word of mouth, and improve your image by working closely with target audiences that deliver your product or service directly to the end user.

HeroCorp provides our clients with a marketing strategy second to none. With the highest integrity we revere honesty and adhere to the highest ethical standards providing timely accurate and personalised information directly to your customers. We respect all people; we value the differences among them and deal with customers in a way that they want to be dealt with. This requires us to discover potential customer’s needs and feelings and provide them with a solution unique to them.

We achieve this by striving constantly to improve, in order to meet and exceed the highest expectations of our clients and customers. We aim to reduce the cost to our clients and their customers.